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Stay Tuned - More products to be added to this website

Helen Nowlan Health Foods News Organic Superfoods

I am in the process of adding many natural health products to my site. Resources,  Superfoods, Organic foods, organic spices, cacao, natural baby products and so much more with recipes to help with your clean healthy eating.  

If there is anything you would like that is not on my website, please make sure to drop me a post so that I can look into whether I can add this to the stocklist :) 

So excited to go the next step in my wellness journey xxxxx

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Health Benefits of Raw Cacao & Delicious Black Bean Chocolate Cake Recipe

Helen Nowlan black bean Cacao chocolate cake raw cacao Recipes

Interesting read from the Nourishing Hub on the benefits of Raw Cacao and Black Beans

Complete with a chocolate cake recipe :) 



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Water Consumption for Weight Loss

Helen Nowlan Clean Eating Eat Right Lose Weight Water

I wanted to share my hardest struggle when it comes to weightloss!.......drinking water. I am not the best water drinker at the best of times but now I am getting 2 litres in but in order to really achieve success i need to drink 1L to every 25kgs.  This means that I need to drink over 4L's a day. 

My day now feels like Work, tend to kids, drink water, pee, work, tend to kids, drink water, pee and so it goes all day.  Do we really get a benefit for this as this is harder work than my...

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Chicken Kebabs & Tahini Satay Sauce

Helen Nowlan Chicken Clean Eating Move Nourish Believe Recipes

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Over 63% of Australians are overweight

Helen Nowlan Health Statistics News Article

JOHN BRUMBY: We now have 63 per cent of Australians who are obese or overweight. We are now one of the most overweight or obese countries in the world.

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