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About Us

My name is Helen Nowlan and I know how hard it is to manage weight, be healthy and set good examples for your children.  Throw in everyday situations like Depression, illness and general day to day stress and this just makes the whole health goal even harder......this is why I got interested in Heath & Wellness.  To implement some health into my life so I could focus on instilling good eating, exercise and health habits to my children.

I am not an expert in the health and wellness field nor do I have formal qualifications so I can only offer information and products based on research and customer request.  What I can offer is support for those looking to achieve optimum health and wellness and a site to gain access to Health and wellness products that are affordable and diverse.  If there is anything you would like that I do not stock, please feel free to send me a message and I will see if I can source it for you,

I am located in Perth but will ship anywhere in Australia