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TURBAN CHOPSTICKS - Curry Paste | Butter Chicken

Turban Chopsticks

TURBAN CHOPSTICKS - Curry Paste | Butter Chicken


A delicious mildly spiced curry, our Butter Chicken paste is filled with plump ripe Australian tomatoes and onions, slow cooked together with freshly roasted spices.

Mix it together with butter and cream to create a rich curry hailing exotic flavours of Northern India and the warmth of a tandoor.  Add some Briyani rice, dahl and naan bread to create the perfect family feast.


Butter Chicken Roast- add all the ingredients into a roasting pan with potatoes, chickpeas and vegetables for a one pan oven-roast. Excellent served with roti wraps, salad and yogurt raita.


Vegan option: Replace chicken for chickpeas, mushroom, eggplant or veggies for a hearty Indian curry.


Dairy free option: substitute butter and fresh cream for coconut oil and coconut cream.

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