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NUTRIBIOTIC - Deodorant Stick


NUTRIBIOTIC - Deodorant Stick


NutriBiotic Deodorants are a long-lasting deodorants containing grapefruit seed extract, witch hazel, and aloe Vera.

Will it keep me dry? - No. To stay dry you would have to use an antiperspirant, which uses aluminium chloride to block the sweat ducts and keep perspiration from escaping. Many people feel that stopping perspiration can work to the detriment of our health. Also, since the skin under our arms tends to be thinner, and since there are numerous lymph nodes in the axillary area, aluminium salts can be easily absorbed and may find themselves circulating throughout the body. Aluminium is a toxic metal that has been linked to immune dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease. With Grapefruit Seed Extract, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera

Aluminium free

Paraben free

Gluten free

GMO free


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