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NIULIFE - Organic Coconut Ghee


NIULIFE - Organic Coconut Ghee


This delightfully creamy coconut ghee is a vegan friendly, 100% plant-based super-fat that tastes like butter, not coconut.

A blend of life-changing Niulife DME® virgin coconut oil & natural ingredients, it's totally dairy & palm oil free.


Use in place of oil or butter to bake, grill & drizzle.

Perfect for:

Baking & Icing

Vegan Caramel Popcorn

Bullet proofing your coffees

Frying mushrooms, pancakes or eggs

Drizzling over cauliflower rice or veggies


Niulife do not use emulsifiers in their products and therefore colour separation may occur. This does not affect the flavour. If this happens, melt the contents of the jar in a bowl of boiling water. When liquid, shake and freeze so it solidifies quickly, then place back into the pantry for storage. In warm climates the product may become liquid in the pantry and can be kept in the fridge if you prefer it spreadable.

Certified Organic by Australia's leading certifier, NASAA. A genuine Certified Organic product will display a Certification Number on all their labels. A product that does not display a Certification Number is not Certified Organic. (Our Certification No is 2611P). As well as being free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, the entire production path is traceable from the store right back to the farm where it is produced, providing you with complete protection and assurance of an organic and sustainable product.

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