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Organic Coconut Virgin Oil Integrity:

 -Sight - Crystal clear when liquefied, immaculately white when crystallized

- Smell - Fresh and light coconut aroma, reminiscent of the fragrance of freshly expressed coconut milk

- State - Solidifies/Crystallizes in temperatures below 23°C as proof of its unadulterated natural

- Taste - Slightly sweet and mild coconut essence

Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has travelled less food miles than any other brand in Australia. It is a healthy, delicious alternative cooking oil, totally cholesterol free and high in lauric acid- your body's natural shield against ill health.

- Raw 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

- Unrefined, unbleached and not deodorised

- Cold pressed and totally cholesterol free

- Wild harvested, beautiful, raw and delicious

- From Papua New Guinea, our closest neighbour hence has travelled less food miles than any other brand in Australia

- Stylish reusable Kilner glass jars

- Shipping in refrigerated containers to Australia no need to refrigerate at home

- No preservatives or additives

- 100% hand finished on site by the Tolai peoples of Gunanur, Napapar and Vungogo villages on the island of New Britain, PNG- supporting local industry & community

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