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NELSON NATURALS - Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets

Nelson Naturals

NELSON NATURALS - Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets


A  simple to use toxin free toothpaste tablet.

With glass jar packaging, there is no plastic tube to add to the ever growing plastic crisis!

These little tablets are ideal for travel and use less water than traditional toothpaste.
Because C&B is so versatile you can use them in many different ways depending on where you are. 
Sometimes you have a brush, sometimes you don't.
Sometimes it's convenient to  spit, sometimes it's not.
No matter where you are or what you're doing C&B has you covered.

For standard use:
1. Place tablet in mouth 
2. Crush with teeth 
3. Experience effervescent fizzing and foaming
4. Wet brush and brush normally

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