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ECOBUD - Gentoo Lite Water Filter Jug (Plastic)


ECOBUD - Gentoo Lite Water Filter Jug (Plastic)


The Gentoo Lite 1.5 Water Filter Jug is an easy and efficient way to access filtered, clean water. It can be stored in your fridge to keep it cool or on a benchtop for water at room temperature.

The Gentoo Lite can be used indoors or outdoors. As such, it is the perfect accessory for a camping trip or to simply enjoy freshwater wherever and whenever the need arises.

The Gentoo Lite provides a sleek, modern design that provides a fantastic new addition to your home. With a minimalistic design and a transparent body, this jug looks modern while the colours will fit in with other kitchen appliances. Or, it could stand alone as a centerpiece accessory in your kitchen.

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