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Bragg Healthy Lifestyle | Paul & Patricia Bragg


Bragg Healthy Lifestyle | Paul & Patricia Bragg


The Toxicless diet, Body Purification & Healing System Fully Explained

First, we want it definitely understood that this system does not claim to cure disease. No system can "cure" disease. No person can "cure" you of your ailments, aches and pains. Only the internal functions of your own body banish disease! The human body is self-cleansing, self-repairing and self-healing! You break a bone, the doctor sets the bone and puts it into a cast. The broken bone knits together again. After a certain number of weeks, the bone is again as strong as it was before the break, sometimes even stronger! There is no special diet, no special food, no pill, no injection or prescription that can "cure" or mend a broken bone. The internal healing forces are within every human body, these are what heal and renew the bone!

Only Mother Nature Cures!

Burn this into your consciousness: Only Mother Nature Cures! Every human body has a special built-in healing mechanism. You cut your hand and three to five stitches might be required to close the wound. The doctor cleans, stitches and then bandages the wound. He can do no more. Now the miraculous healing mechanism of your body starts mending the wound.

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