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BOTANIKA BLENDS - Plant Protein | Cacao Mint Cookies & Cream

Botanika Blends

BOTANIKA BLENDS - Plant Protein | Cacao Mint Cookies & Cream


We use premium ingredients including real Organic Cacao and Organic Mint that only a true Choc/Mint connoisseur will appreciate, we don’t use artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners so it doesn’t have the ‘fake’ taste. Ever had mint slice? Well... it's kinda like that but 1000 times better! (ok, maybe not that good but you get it)

Some of the other incredible ingredients this contains are:

Inulin (derived from Chicory or Artichoke) a pre-biotic fibre, feeding all those good guys in your guts.

Digestive Enzymes, created and extracted from various yeasts, moulds and fungi etc. These have various functions in the digestive system to assist with the breakdown of certain foods we eat and assist with absorption of the nutrients they contain.

Natural Marine Minerals extracted from seaweed including Magnesium and Calcium which have links to various functions in the body such as muscle, joint, bone and general health.

Organic Pea and Rice Protein, processed through low heat, mechanical (no chemical) filtration yielding a superior amino acid profile that is highly digestible and essential for muscle development - great way to get your RDI of protein intake!

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