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Be Serene Face Mist

Be Genki

Be Serene Face Mist


Hydrates your skin and calms your mind. Negative thoughts and nervous tension can creep in when you need it least; on a deadline, in a traffic jam, before a date. A gentle spritz is a simple way to create a quiet moment for yourself so you can gather your thoughts and get back to you.


This Helps:
Soothe stress and nervous tension
Quieten anxiety and depression
Deter adrenal fatigue
Support your central nervous system
Nourish your skin

Your Ritual
This can be used anytime, anywhere. Simply spray the mist across your face and take a deep breath in, enjoying all the calming scents then breath out, focusing on exhaling any negativity. It’s full of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic ingredients that will rejuvenate, balance and improve your skin. It’s great for all skin types, especially mature skin that has enjoyed the experience of life and living.

It’s What's Inside That Counts
Neroli hydrosol*, Radish Root ferment filtrate, Palmarosa oil*, Geranium oil*, Patchouli oil*, Neroli oil*, Rose Otto oil*.

* All ingredients are certified organic and made with love.


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