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THAT HIPPIE CO - Collagen Booster & Prebiotics

That Hippie Co

THAT HIPPIE CO - Collagen Booster & Prebiotics


That Hippie Co. is dedicated to producing products that promote a healthy wellbeing. We know that good health starts with taking care of our guts and this in turn expands to healing other parts of our body.

We have developed Collagen Booster with Prebiotics Capsules to enhance your skin health. Collagen has been around for several years as a natural elixir for healing your skin and reducing the site of wrinkles. Our bodies already contain collagen, which is a polypeptide containing a combination of amino acids such as proline and glycine that are present in all connective tissue, skin and bone. Taking collagen booster as a supplement can help enhance your body’s production of amino acids, and in turn can help heal the areas of your body that need it most.

The benefits of a collagen booster include promoting hair growth, improving skin health, and helping to relieve joint pain. As we age, our production of collagen reduces, so taking a collagen supplement is a good way to increase your collagen intake. That Hippie Co.’s Collagen Booster Capsules have added prebiotics, which are healthy bacteria that aid digestion and an overall healthy wellbeing. This will promote a healthy gut, as well as healthy skin.

We recommend taking two capsules a day with a main meal to enhance collagen absorption. Start healing your skin and gut today with our Collagen Booster with Prebiotics Capsules.

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