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Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Be Genki

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil


This Tunisian beauty has long been used to treat all skin types, and is especially good at balancing dry and oily skin to promote a healthy glow. It’s also good for the head renowned for helping to stimulate hair growth and help prevent dandruff. And as a brain stimulant, helping to clear fuzzy heads and improve concentration and memory.


Botanical name: rosmarinus officinalis
Plant part: flowering tops and leaves
Extraction method: steam distilled
Country of origin: Tunisia

Smells like: An afternoon gardening with your aunt.

Your Ritual
There are plenty things you can do with essential oils. Here are a few suggestions:

Add a few drops to a diffuser
Burn over an oil burner.
Splash a few drops into the bath to enhance the aromas.
Add a few drops to a steamy shower.
Massage a drop or two into your skin with your favourite body oil or serum.
Add a few drops when washing your sheets.

It’s What's Inside That Counts
Organic Rosemary (rosmarinus officinialis) oil*.

* All ingredients are certified organic and made with love


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