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FOUR SIGMATIC - Mushroom Elixer With Lions Mane

Four Sigmatic

FOUR SIGMATIC - Mushroom Elixer With Lions Mane


Lion's Mane is an all-natural brain booster, a nootropic without side effects. It has been shown to improve memory, boost creativity, and help bolster concentration. The Nerve Growth Factors (NGF) are essential in neural health and are responsible for these effects and improvements. The active ingredients in lion's Mane, hericenones and erinacines, are shown to stimulate NGF production in the body. These two families of cyathane derivatives are small enough to pass through the blood-brain barrier and they can also increase myelination, which ensures the clear transmission of information across synapses.


The benefits of lion's Mane extend's to the entire nervous system. Studies have shown that lion's Mane can be of great help to people suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and other neurological damage, and for improving reflexes.


How and when to use:

Add one packet to 8 fluid oz. of hot water, or blend it into your favourite smoothie.

Drink it at work to get your focus back when brain fog sets in.

Drink it for a concentration boost when studying, reading, or writing.

Drink one packet per day.

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